Project leaders

Les Scouts

With its 55,000 members, the Les Scouts federation is the largest youth organisation in the French- and German-speaking Communities. In these communities, scouting is experienced locally in 413 local groups.

Scouts & Gidsen Vlaanderen

With 72,000 members, the Scouts en Gidsen Vlaanderen are the largest scouting organisation in the Flemish Community.They present an educational offer in 575 local groups.

Because we share the same way of living scouting, because we share similar goals, because we are used to working together and because we believe it is necessary to give this project a national dimension, Les Scouts saw inviting their Flemish counterparts to join the project as the obvious next step.

Scientific partners

HEC-ULg, University of Liège's management school, skills management unit

The HEC-ULg skills management unit has a profound knowledge of skills enhancement. There has been a two-pronged partnership since the start of the project:

  • a consultancy; and
  • drafting the skills list based on panels of leaders, managers and former leaders (first stage of the development of Scout Leader Skills).

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

The People and Organisation Department of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School contributed to the second part of the project by developing Scout Leader Skills, an online tool in the shape of a questionnaire. A team of researchers led by Veroniek De Schamphelaere and Inge De Clippeleer also took part in the development.

The consulted experts

  • The last Economic Circle of the King Baudouin Foundation, at the forefront of the We need AIR research project
  • Patrick Constancio, a methodological expert at the skills validation consortium
  • Céline Mahieu, a holder of a PhD in Sociology and expert in skills enhancement for the French Community
  • Several human resources managers and recruitment specialists
  • Steunpunt Jeugd, creator of the Oscar tool
  • JES, creator of the C-Stick tool
  • JERH group of consultant students - Jeunes experts en ressources humaines de la Haute Ecole de Namur
  • Recognition Learning in Scouting European scouting working group